Big Technology for Small Business

As published in YLW Connection Fall 2010

Access Your Data Anytime, Anywhere – with Virtual Office Service

Wouldn’t it be great to have anytime / anywhere access to your computer data? A new Virtual Office Service created by is making this dream a reality for small to midsize business in Western Canada.’s Virtual Office Service allows you to work securely from your office, your home, an airport, hotel or vacation address – any place in the world that has an Internet connection.

The Virtual Office Service is an ideal solution for your small or mid -size business, whether you run one PC or many. The solution includes shared calendar, out-of office messages, server- based SmartPhone or BlackBerry synchronisation (e-mail, calendar and contacts) and other features which are normally only available in a larger computer environment. Companies with staff in different locations find the VOS particularly useful for coordinating operations.

Any device with Internet access can be used to access the virtual desktop: your normal PC, notebook, netbook, Macbook, iPad or even your phone. You just access a webpage with your browser, fill out your  username, password and extra security code, and the desktop is delivered to the device.

The functionality we have available with VOS would cost small business owners thousands of dollars if purchased individually.  The good news is – has drastically reduced the cost by creating shared access to our powerful virtual environment and giving small businesses the opportunity to rent the necessary software for a small monthly fee. The Virtual Office Service monthly fee includes all necessary software licenses, backups and support. User licensed applications like Simply Accounting, ACT! and QuickBooks can be supported for an additional fee.

How does it work?
Our VOS clients are provided with an exclusive secure virtual environment with one or more central servers for storing documents, pictures, drawings, databases and e-mail. Clients access their data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with a Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 server (for shared access) or Windows 7 (for private access) over a secured Internet connection. All data is stored on a redundant hardware platform in our secure datacenter where it is protected against fire, flood, dust, power loss and burglary. Only screen updates, keyboard strokes and mouse movements are transported back and forth to the datacenter using Citrix® HDX™ advancements.

A perfect solution from, “Your Partner in Information Technology.”