IGEL Technology

igel technology kelownaIn 1989, IGEL GmbH (IGEL) developed and distributed their first multi video graphic card for UNIX environments. They started to develop and sell terminals in 1992 and in 1997 brought out their first modern thin client. Today analysts recognize them as one of the fastest growing and most visionary thin client vendors in the world.

Customized Technology

A critical factor of IGEL’s success is the maintenance of a strong in-house engineering and product development team that enables them to create a range of high quality, state-of-the-art, thin client solutions for you at the right price. Even customized solutions are possible in projects. Their long term alliances with some of the world’s top technology companies in the field of server-based computing and virtualisation helps them to continue to evolve and grow value added solutions for their customers.

Remotely managing local hardware and software settings

New thinking and technological ambition have resulted in IGEL having one of the broadest range of thin clients available in the market today. Their thin client products give you access to the richest set of protocols, clients and local applications, supported by powerful remote management software, and provide maximum control while minimizing cost and complexity.