Our consultancy process begins with a detailed discussion of your company’s IT challenges and a thorough diagnostic analysis of your current system; to highlight problems or potential problems that waste time and drain profits. Based on what we learn, we develop a personalized IT strategy to improve system cohesiveness, guarantee accessibility and reduce long and short term costs.

As a full-spectrum consultancy, is pleased to offer expert advice on a wide range of IT services and products. We will implement and/or recommend ‘best fit’ solutions on networking cable configuration, electrical requirements, telephone systems and web applications; or help you identify a line of business software application that meets your operational requirements.

If we do not have exactly what you need, we will go outside our delivery range to find it. Our consultants pride themselves in keeping current with IT research and development in order to bring you the latest in time and money saving ideas. To improve your efficiency we would love to introduce you to concepts like virtualization, terminal servers, universal desktop thin clients, offsite backups and Green IT solutions.

Our discussions include strategies for the future, based on your growth trajectory and goals. We think ‘outside the box,’ with solutions that will simplify your process and increase IT efficiency as your business becomes more complex. We can show you solutions that are effective today, yet adaptable to the growth they help generate!